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None electrolytic condenser
⊙Maximize LED Tube life span because Smart Buck is not used electrolytic Condenser
⊙In case of LED Driver which is used electrolytic condenser, When the temperature is increased 10˚c, LED Tube life
    span is reduced 50% (ex, Electrolytic Condenser can be used 1000 hours at 85˚c / 3000 hours at 70˚c  )
⊙Smart buck is using Mylar capacitor which can be used 100,000 hours at 80˚c/ more at 70˚c

Flicker free
⊙Flicker free ( pls, see  two picture : Flicker and Flicker free)
⊙Ripple of luminous flux is less than 3%, Flicker free is verified by Digital Camera
⊙As study result from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) of US Energy Department, If human expose    "Flicker phenomenon" for a long time, it caused discomfort, helplessness, headaches with epileptic seizures even visually
   inappreciable weak level.

⊙Embedded Type for T9, T10 Slim Design
⊙External Type for T5,T8,T9,T10


Parameter Symbol Value Unit Remark
Power consumption Pd 16~18 W  
Input voltage / current VIN 85~140 / 192 VAC / mA  
Power factor   Min.95 %  
Total system flux F 2,000 lm  
System efficiency   125 Lm/W  
Ripple of luminous flux   3 % Flickerless
Ripple of electrical   8 %  
Efficiency   Min.85 %  
Color rendering index Ra 80    
Color Temperature Cct 5,000 K  
Life span   Min.50,000 hrs