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AVICS KOREA Co., ltd. is a pioneer in design, manufacturing and distributing innovative LED lighting products for valuable customers. Our background of Solid-state lighting stems from many years of experience in display industry. 

We believe that the finest LED lighting products only comes from certain engineering capabilities. Those capabilities are designs for the optics, thermal, treatment, design and appliances of the electric circuit, verification and validation of the design and development, design of exterior appearances, high precision molding manufacturing, reliability test and product assurance.

For the past few years, we have been launching various LED lighting from indoor to outdoor usages including customized applications. To be a world leader in LED lighting field, we have been seeking for business partners all over the world and corresponding with present customers for their absolute satisfactions.

We have confidence in our ability to yield profits for partners and society in every aspect.For “Customer Satisfaction and Value Creation” as our slogan connotes, we make our best effort to supply state-of-the-art LED lighting. Moreover we like to lighten up the whole world with out LED lighting.

Finally I want to express my sincere appreciation to our customers, business partners, and employees. Thank you

Chief Executive Officer